Our Services

Social Media Planning

Social Media Planning team provides a detailed Plan on how to accomplish all the goals and objectives of your business/organization’s social media strategy. This will allow you and the team to be on the same page in regards to handling all aspects of the business/organization’s platforms.

Social Media Listening

The Social Media Listening team provides eyes and ears into what exactly the end users wants and needs are, while also examining any feedbacks that can better your business/organization. This will allow us to hear exactly what people are saying about your business/organization and competitors in the industry. With this information, our team will find ways to improve or advance your social media strategy.

Social Media Audit

The Social Media Audit team will examine the platforms you currently have and assess them to deliver up-to-date information regarding followers, content, posts, and many other aspects. This will allow your business/organization to have a better understanding of your current social media strategy and the areas that could use improvement. Upon completing a social media audit, Moov Media will know exactly what steps to take next in regards to improving your business/organization’s social media strategy

Social Media Managing

The Social Media Managing team is composed of student-experts that will grow your social media presence in a positive direction on all platforms within your business/organization. This will allow you to prosper in a tech-savy world by having student-experts provide you with a service that will help generate and attract consumers/viewers.

Social Media Analytics

The Social Media Analytics team provides insights into many aspects of your social media platforms and will identify areas for improvement in addition to tracking current progress. This will allow us to have real life data to go off and improve future standings by setting goals based off of past result.